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What contract do you need?

Here are the main types of contracts I’ll help you with:

Goods and Services T&Cs

Your safety net
When selling goods or services, you need clear and onbrand legal terms that don’t make too many promises, help you get paid on time, and limit your financial risk.

Freelancer Agreements

People and contracts that work for you
If you’re hiring a freelancer or a consultant, you need a contract that defines the relationship, guarantees commitment from the freelancer, and makes sure you own the work carried out.

Sponsorship Agreements

Get the exposure you’re looking for
If you’re sponsoring an event, a brand, a sportsperson or a sports team, you need a contract that clearly defines what you’re getting in return for your investment.

Influencer and Talent Agency Contracts

Exclusivity and exposure
Influencers, you need a contract to get paid properly and the freedom to exit the deal when you need to. If you’re managing talent, you need a contract that guarantees you exclusivity and gives you control over your commission.
Online Contract Lawyer UK

Most people either hate reading the small print or don’t do it.

So leave that to me.

Commercial contract services

Once I know the type of contract you need, here’s what I’ll do:



Need to start from scratch?

We’ll make sure your contract covers you legally and both you and your client are on the same page.

Your contract will be written in your language and branding.



I’ll review your existing contracts or a contract a third party has proposed.

I’ll then work with you to make sure it protects you legally, fnancially, and operationally.



I’ll represent your best interests and negotiate with either a business owner or their solicitor.

I won’t agree to anything without your approval – you still have the final say.

Sometimes your project means I’ll need to do all three! Whatever you need, we’ll work together every step of the way to make sure your contract works for your business.

A small business owner working for small businesses

If you want lengthy contracts that spill across hundreds of pages, I’m not the lawyer for you. But I am the lawyer for you if you want to keep things clear, tight, and never want to worry about legal fees building up behind the scenes.

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How does this all work?


FREE consultation

We’ll talk about what you need and when you need it.

During this chat, we’ll confirm what the contract needs to look like, the goods or services you’re providing, what you’re promising, how long you’re promising it for, and how much your business needs this deal.


Scoping & quote

I’ll send you a document that scopes out what we discussed. This is where you’ll get your fixed fee. The price won’t change unless you throw extra work into the mix (or ask for things outside of scope – like changes six months after we sign the work off).


Project starts

Once you’re happy with your fixed fee, you’ll sign my engagement letter and agree the payment terms, then I’ll get to work. Remember, if you have any questions, need an update, or have info for me – unlimited calls, emails, and meetings are included.

Fixed fee.

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