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Fixed-fee contract services for

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Know exactly what you’re getting and how much you’re paying – every single time.
Contract creation, contract review, and contract negotiations
100% fixed fee for peace of mind
Clear legal advice everyone understands - not just lawyers


Lea Turner

Lea Turner

“With legal contracts, it’s hard to know which are the important bits since there’s so much text. It’s amazing knowing I have someone who has my back to check everything over.”
Jenni Hill

Jenni Hill

“Timely, communicative, and easy to work with – I couldn’t recommend Sam more! I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.”
Ellie Middleton

Ellie Middleton

“Sam is so helpful, understanding, and explains everything in a simple way that really makes sense!”

Big business background. Small business passion.

It took training and working at a top 40 law firm to realise my passion is supporting small businesses. Instead of helping the ‘big boys’ get bigger, what I really love is growing with you. So that’s why I created XVO Legal: to give small businesses the legal support you deserve at a price you can afford.

How I work

You’d expect these to come as standard – and with me, they do!

The same can’t be said for the majority of firms.

100% fixed fee

100% fixed fee

Before you pay a penny or before work starts, you’ll know how much the project is going to cost you.

That price won’t change – unless you throw more work into the mix.

FREE updates

FREE updates

Don’t worry about the clock – I’m never on it. Once you lock in your fixed fee, you can call and email me as much as you need (at no extra cost).

Call me any time, but remember you’ll get a better answer on a Monday at 9am than you will on a Friday at 9pm.

Small business focused

Small business focused

I’m a small business owner, so I understand the challenges we face. You don’t need to drown in Latin or in a 100-page document.

We’ll make sure you’re protected in a tight, clear, on-brand contract.

Fixed fee.

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